Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One year old!

Last Wednesday at 13:13 McKenzie was officially one year old. It's strange that the past year seems to have gone by so fast, yet at the same time I can't really remember life without her. I've been feeling a little guilty for not posting about her first birthday sooner. It is a big deal, believe me, I know that. I think I'm just so busy chasing her around all day that it hasn't really hit me yet that my little baby is now approaching toddlerhood (I'm not exactly sure when this transition is official, maybe she already is a toddler, but I'm holding onto "baby" for a little while longer). We're having a big party for her and for Dustin, who's turning 30 on Friday (don't tell him I told you...I have specific instructions "not to remind" him about it) and I think that when the celebration is over Kenzie being a year old will be real. When I see her delve into her first cupcake and when our family and friends sing her first ever rendition of the Happy Birthday Song, then maybe it will be real. Maybe this is why moms talk about their child's age in months long after the first and second birthday. One year old sounds so grown up, but twelve months, well that's only about a year.
Kenzie had her well baby check up on Friday and the pediatrician got to see her in action. McKenzie didn't stop moving the entire time we were there, and the only thing the doctor could say was, "she's busy." Your telling me! Kenzie is a sturdy walker now and crawling is a thing of the distant past. Her fine motor skills are developing as well, although it sounds like she should be able to do a little more in this department.
Ped: Does she stack things?
Me: nope, but she likes to nest things, does that count?
Ped: Can she pull a tab on a toy to make it go, turn a dial to make something pop up, push a button to make a noise, etc?
Me: We have toys like that, she just doesn't show much interest in using them
Ped: okay

I promised myself that I wouldn't be one of those parents who is always worried that her child isn't developing right and forces practice, practice, practice for skills that aren't developing faster than average, but I have to admit that I did get out the blocks this weekend and try to get Kenzie to stack them. She had much more fun knocking them over.

While understand and accept that every baby develops at a different rate, and have no interest in competing with other parents about whose baby is more advanced, every time I take her to the pediatrician I secretly hope she will wow the doctor. I want to leave the office knowing that they were impressed with my baby. I don't think that makes me competitive, just one proud momma. For example, when the doctor asked if she is saying any words, I told her that she is still saying mama and dada indiscriminately, but she will say mama if I say, "Kenzie can you say mama?" On cue, from the other side of the room, Kenzie screamed, "mama!" You go girl!

Some of Kenzie's other talents include:
  • following simple commands such as "throw the ball to Kona," "put your Binky in the cup," "spit that out," "go find the rubber ducky," etc
  • finding her belly button (as well as mommy's and daddy's)
  • pointing to her toes when asked
  • running away when I say "come here Kenzie, I want to change your diaper"
  • spitting...water, milk, saliva...it's just so fun!
  • dancing to the music
  • listening to one or two pages of a book before taking it back (that's two pages more than previous)
  • making that blub blub noise by moving her fingers across her lips
  • climbing the stairs...thankfully she shows little interest in doing this
  • indicating what she wants by pointing and saying "eh, eh"
  • signing more, all done and eat (although this is no longer consistently done)
  • clapping when excited or at the end of a song
  • petting Kona (and climbing on him, hitting him, feeding him)
  • hugging (one of my new favorite things she will do when asked)
  • laughing... at herself, at Kona and especially when tickled
  • cuddling (YAH!)...she seems to be learning that it's okay to take a break every once in a while
  • making me laugh out loud at her utter silliness
She's still a peanut, weighing 17.8 pounds and standing 28 inches tall. She's my peanut, and she makes me so proud.