Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conversations with Kiddos

Me: Let's get going upstairs.  I need you to go to bed so I can take a break.  You know, when you girls are sleeping, I'm not a mommy anymore.
Kenzie: Huh?
Me: Yeah.  I don't have to be a mommy anymore when you are sleeping.
Dustin (against his better judgement): That's right.  When you are sleeping she's not a mommy anymore.  After that she's just a wife.

Kenzie: Massachusetts kinda sounds like Cheez-Its.  It's like Massacheezits.

When a dominant rooster wants to mate, a good hen (one who knows her place) stops and squats and lets the roo do his thing.  Kaia has been chasing the chickens as of late and a couple of them have started to drop into this position when she is near.  In essence, our chickens think Kaia is a rooster.   Hence, the following heated dialogue. Quite possibly the strangest thing we'll ever scold our children for doing.

Dustin: Kaia!
Me: Kaia! No!
Dustin: Kaia!  Do NOT sit on the chicken!  Get off the chicken!!
Dustin (running to her): No!  No!  We do NOT sit on the chickens!
Kaia: hahahahahahaha
 After a few minutes sitting on the stairs (pretending) to contemplate her wrong-doing...
 Me: Kaia, it is not nice to sit on the chickens.  You could hurt them.  We don't want to hurt the chickens.
Kaia (patting my arm sympathetically): Okay, Mommy.  Okay.

Ooo boy that girl likes to test us.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Now that Lily is attending school every day, it's harder to find the time to get together.  This week is school vacation and she got to sleep over. The girls had a blast.  We celebrated the nice weather with the first ice cream cone of the season.  I didn't think an ice-cream-cone-eating tutorial was necessary, but regretted that after both Lily and Kenzie got their cones and immediately ate the bottoms off. Doh!

After bath time, Kaia, the entertainer, went to bed (in hopes that she would be asleep before the big girls).  While they waited for Kaia to fall asleep Kenzie and Lily "read" Go Dog Go together.

Finally, when I was sure Kaia was asleep, the girls went upstairs.  Sometimes being quiet is really hard for toddlers (go figure) and it wasn't long before Kaia was up and running again.  After about twenty minutes of Kaia singing various songs (Row Row Row, Twinkle Twinkle, Ring Around the Rosy, and more) and instigating the others..."Lily!  Wake up Lily!" I decided to get her out. Lily was thankful for Kaia's departure.  She said, "good, 'cause I can't sleep with all that talking."  Ha!

So much cousin fun.  Now all three girls are spent and need a couple days of rest to recuperate. Who knew bubbles and sandboxes could be so exhausting?