Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Babies, Babies, Babies

McKenzie loves her babies.  I use that term, "babies," broadly.  Her babies include her three baby dolls, a couple stuffed turtles, many teddy bears and other stuffed animals, and too many little plastic people to count.  She spends time every day putting her babies to bed.  She will lay out every pillow we have and whisper sweet nothings to her darlings as she lays them down to sleep. I can't hear what she says, but it's so sweet to watch her.

Lately she's been asking me if Kaia can go take a nap just so she can have some quiet time with her babies.  Kaia doesn't march to the same drummer as Kenzie.  Kaia enjoys grabbing babies and running while Kenzie screams at the top of her lungs,"Kaia has my baby!!!!"  After a little intervention Kaia will give the baby a hug and kiss and give it back to mama Kenzie.

Playing with babies showcases Kenzie's creative side, but you can certainly still see her Type A organization when you check out these baby pics.

Apparently phones, letters and purses need naps too, sometimes.

Inside the fort we built in the living room.

About a month ago we had a nice visit with Mindy and her boys and Kenzie was in baby heaven.  She sat with Lucas (a real baby!) for an hour playing music, singing, and talking.  She couldn't get enough of him.