Monday, October 8, 2012


I promised pictures of our beautiful, farm fresh eggs.  We now have two laying hens and four little girls that will be egg layers in the future (they replace the surplus of roosters were were erroneously given).  We successfully rid ourselves of the final rooster, Big Red, with a craigslist ad and one awkward exchange in the Grand Union parking lot.  

Our two hens, Fiesty and Egg, each lay one egg per day.  It's enough for a few breakfasts, but it will be nice when we no longer have to purchase eggs from the store and we will have extra to give away to friends and family.  While we are happy to have undertaken the challenge of raising chickens, it's not as carefree as we hoped (yet).  Next summer we should have six laying hens, and more eggs than we can imagine.  Then, our labor will be worth it.

Our lady Egg is an inconsistent layer.  The first two eggs (from the left) are from her (notice how jumbo the first one is, poor thing), the third is a Feisty egg, and the white one is a store bought egg.  The yolks in our eggs are bright orange, as opposed to the dull yellow of a store bought egg.