Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween: Quack Quack

Without a doubt, McKenzie was the cutest duck in the pond on Halloween.  While I was hesitant to take her trick-or-treating because she can't even say "trick-or-treat" yet, we decided that she would enjoy the experience and it turned out to be pretty fun for us too.

At the first house the owner placed a bowl full of candy at Kenzie's level and she just stared at it in amazement.  The woman put FOUR pieces of candy into Kenzie's bucket.  As Dustin and Kenzie walked back to the bottom of the driveway where I was waiting she couldn't stop looking into her bucket.

They just gave this to me?  I didn't have to beg? Didn't have to whine?
At the second house, as soon as the bowl of candy was in reach, Kenzie dug her hand in and grabbed a pack of Nerds before anyone changed their mind.
This is crazy! 
By the third house, Kenzie was leaving Dustin behind as she ran up the walkway to the awaiting bowl of candy.  
Come on daddy!  There's chocolate up there!
We only went to five or six houses, but she got plenty of loot.  She also enjoyed checking out some of the other kids in their costumes.  I'm sure her favorite part of the night was the mini Twix bar that we let her have on the car ride home.  We can hardly wait for next year.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween: Pumpkin Guts

Dustin and I waited until the last possible moment to carve our pumpkins because we had a hard time finding a time when we would be able to do it together as a family.  We were so excited to see Kenzie's reaction when she dug her hand inside the pumpkin to feel the slimy, juicy pumpkin guts.  Boy were we disappointed! She refused to go anywhere near the guts with her bare hands.  She kept holding out her arms and indicating that she wanted to touch the gooey stuff, but when we tried to hand it to her she ran away.

Next year I'm hoping she'll dig right in.