Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Electric!

Science time at the Riccis.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Kaia is our resident graffiti artist.  We catch her in the act of writing with her red crayon on the wall, a ballpoint pen on the table, markers on the desk...The trouble is, she doesn't know that being in trouble is bad.  While we do our best to scold her and explain that we "only write on paper" she will ask for some milk or comment on the weather.  She has no idea that she's in trouble, and that it's bad.  

The other day she noticed some marker on her baby's booster seat (obviously drawn there by her) and she pointed at it and said, "No!  Not good.  No!  Only write on paper!"  Then she laughed.  She laughed!  She's mocking me!!!

This must be one of her proudest tags because she often says, "I wanna see bad" then she goes and points to the wall.  "Bad."

Conversations with Kenzie

Me: Do you want to bring your baby into the store or leave her in the car?
McKenzie: I think it's best if I leave her in the car.  'Cause if I bring her in, if I bring her in, I might drop her on the floor.  Then, if I drop her on the floor, someone else will find her, and I would miss her and I wouldn't know where she is.  So I think I should leave her in the car.
Me: Okay, good idea.
McKenzie: Yeah, 'cause if we brought her in and I lost her, I would get back to the car and I wouldn't see her and I would know that I lost her and then we would have to go back in the store to look for her.
Me: Right.  Let's just leave her in the car.

I was explaining to Kenzie what an electrician, like her Uncle Alan, does.  
Me: There are wires in the walls at our house that Uncle Alan put there.  The wires make all of our lights work and the microwave and oven and everything with electricity.
McKenzie: How does he make the wires?
Me (trying to avoid further discussion): Oh, he just buys them at the store, honey.
McKenzie (thinking): Oh.  But how does the store make them?
Me: Ummmm, I'm not really sure.  There is copper and somehow they make it into wires.  You know what? You should ask daddy, he would know more about that than me.
McKenzie: Yeah, 'cause Daddy is a worker.  Like Uncle Alan.  You work only sometimes, but Daddy and Uncle Alan work a lot.  They would know because they are workers.

Right.  Exactly.  I don't know anything about working. :)