Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meeting Madison

I ignored the signs for months; walking, communicating, eating grown-up foods, throwing the occasional temper tantrum. Then an event happened that thrust McKenzie from infanthood to toddlerhood the way nothing else could: we met Madison. Sweet, eight pound, three-week-old, little, baby Madison.

As I held that preciously tiny newborn, too small to fill out her little ducky pajamas, I watched McKenzie. While Madison lounged comfortably in my arms, Kenzie wreaked havoc on a home not yet accustomed to a moving child. She was busy touching everything in sight and wandering around from room to room leaving a line of cracker crumbs in her trail. She was playing with the dog, riding the minature rocking horse, laughing at who knows what and babbling incoherently. She was a long way from being a new baby. It had been thirteen months since she was a new baby. She's more than a year old. Yup, toddlerhood is here.

Still, I have a hard time calling Kenzie my toddler. The word conjures up images of two and three-year-olds, talking and running and playing make-believe. McKenzie is years away from that. Right?

She'll always be my baby.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Like Daddy

A conversation I recently had with a woman behind me in line at the grocery store went something like this:
Woman: Wow, she looks just like you!
Me (knowing this to be false): Thanks.
W: You must get that all the time.
Me:Actually,people often tell me she looks just like her dad.
W: Oh no. She has your eyes. She has your chin. She has your cheeks. (etc, etc)
Me (smiling politely): Thanks.
W(after a few moments of silence while I paid for my groceries): Well, maybe you and your husband just look a lot alike!
Me (humored): haha,maybe.
You all know that Dustin and I do not, in fact, look anything like each other. McKenzie and Dustin, on the other hand, look very similar. Kenzie's hair is getting longer and when it's humid it curls in the back (so cute!). Baby pictures of Dustin look just like Kenzie. It makes me wonder what she will look like as she grows up. What does the female version of Dustin look like?