Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There is a lot of clapping and cheering happening in our home these days. There are just so many things to celebrate.

We celebrate when,
  • McKenzie pokes her fork into a piece of food and then takes the food all the way to her mouth. Woo Hoo! (she claps for herself everytime she successfully does this now)
  • McKenzie does something we ask her to do, although she usually does things on her own terms. She may not give me the pen, but when I say, "please give the pen to daddy," she does so willingly. Good job!
  • after coming up with an elaborate plan and timetable to make binkies "only for bedtime," Kenzie surprises us by willingly throwing her pacifiers into her crib before we take her out each morning. Yes!
  • without any prompting, Kenzie announces she's "ah da" playing with the cardboard box, brings it to the cupboard, opens the door, and puts it with the rest of the paper recycling. Nice work!
  • instead of hitting us or Kona, Kenzie is able to "do nice" and give just hugs and kisses. Good girl!
  • after much practice, our little climber figures out how to go backwards down the stairs on her own...not that we want her to, but it's better than the just-step-and-hope-someone-catches-me method.  Chee Hoo!
  • the last ring is placed on the "Rock a Stack."  Not an easy feat when it is floating around in the bathtub. Yah!
  • any body part is correctly identified.  You got it! When asked, she consistently points to her mouth, belly button, feet, fingers, toes, and hair.  She can find my nose and eyes, but can't seem to locate them on her own body.  
  • Kenzie says a new word. Go Kenzie! This happens almost everyday now. She says over 20 words (including animal sounds) and is really good about telling us what she wants and needs. She has perfected a vigorous head shake while saying "no, no, no," and always has an appetite for "boo bawee, boo bawee" (translation: blueberries).
She does NOT want to get out of the pool.