Monday, December 17, 2012

Conversations with Kaia

I went to get her when she woke up from her nap.
Me: Hi, honey.  Did you have a good nap?
Kaia: I'm poopin'.
Kaia (holding Christmas ornament): Here you go, Mommy.  I did it, Mommy.
Me: Thanks, honey.  Can you please put this back on the tree?
Kaia: Yeah, yeah.
2 minutes later...
Kaia (with a different ornament): Here you go Mommy.  I did it.
Since Halloween Kaia has been a candy fiend.  We have this conversation nearly every morning before we even have breakfast. 
Kaia: Candy, Mommy?  Candy?
Me: No, we are not having candy right now.
Kaia: Later.  Later.
Me: Maybe later.
Kaia (nodding profusely): Yeah.  Dinner.  After dinner.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Conversations with Kenzie (and Kaia)

Kaia was crying after I had put the girls to bed the other night.  I waited a while to see if she would eventually lie down, but she didn't, so I headed upstairs.  On my way there I overheard this conversation: (the girls share a room) 
McKenzie: Kaia, do you want mommy?
Kaia: Yeah.
McKenzie: You have to say "mommy"
Kaia: Mommy
McKenzie: No you have to say it like this (yelling) "MOMMY!"
Kaia: MOMMY!
McKenzie: Good honey.  You have to say mommy again.
Kaia: MOMMY!
McKenzie: I think mommy will come now.


Another testament to how different the girls' personalities are...

We were making a gingerbread house the other night.  I remember doing this two years ago, when Kenzie was the same age that Kaia is now.  I remember Kenzie carefully placing the candies on the roof so that they made a nice, straight pattern.  I remember her laser focus and the fact that she worked until the job was done.  Of course, I also remember the colored drool dripping out of her mouth because she was sneaking candies while she worked, but this was nothing compared to our Kaia Boo.  Kaia was so excited to see the bags of candy that she couldn't contain herself.  She did help to put some candies on the house, but only seconds later that same candy would be in her mouth.  She watched as her sister carefully placed each round candy, then pulled it off the house and popped it in her mouth.  Surprisingly, Kenzie remained calm, even though Kaia was disrupting her masterpiece.  They each ate more candy than they would normally eat in a whole month, so I think everyone was happy.

If you aren't fluent in toddlerspeak, when Kenzie asks for the candy Kaia says, "Nooooo, I hold it."  But then she says yes and hands it over.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012