Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas in January

The plan was to celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family the day after Christmas, but an unfortunate snow storm caused us to postpone it a week.  Instead we celebrated Christmas and my niece Kaitlin's birthday the following week, stretching our Christmas cheer into the new year.  McKenzie had a great time playing with everyone, especially Kaitlin.  They pushed babies around in little strollers for hours.  The only downside to the postponed celebration was that we didn't get to see Auntie Barbara.  Thankfully the cookies she made for us still arrived intact.

Matthew and Adam prepare for another round of tic-tac-toe. (very cool gift Auntie B)

Kaitlin is like Kenzie's guardian angel, always watching over her.

Cousins enjoy a snack on the step.

Ice Cream and Peas, Please

On my way home from work the other night I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a package of green split peas for the soup I planned to make the following day.  While at the store I remembered that ice cream was on sale for $1.88 ($1.88!!).  When ice cream is that cheap you have to buy some.  So, there I was, standing at the checkout counter with my ice cream and peas, pregnant belly protruding from my too-small winter coat when it occurred to me what this must look like.  I am a walking pregnancy stereotype.  8:00 pm on a Wednesday night and I just have to run out for some peas and ice cream?  I thought about saying something like, "I love the crunchy texture of the peas sprinkled on my cookies and cream," but decided against it.  The look I was getting from the teenage boy cashier was enough to let me know he thought I was crazy.  He just might be on to something.

Anyway, for those of you too far away to watch me grow, here's a pick of my 6 1/2 month bump.
I feel so much bigger than this.  Pictures don't do justice.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day we spent a quiet morning together as a family.

Kenzie couldn't believe that we let her eat a piece of candy before even having breakfast.  
We didn't buy her any toys this year, just lots of practical stuff.  She loves her new sippy cups (especially the one with a straw) and got right to work brushing her baby's teeth with one of her new toothbrushes.
Yah!  Snow boots.  Now we just need some snow so she will understand what all this gear is for.
One of her favorite things was a photo book I made for her.  She has a huge family and we want her to know everyone's names so I threw together a book that has pictures of all our family and a few close friends.  She can name just about everyone and she brings me the book at least once a day to look through.

On Christmas afternoon we traveled to Greenfield to spend the day with my mom and brothers.  They gave her a doll that came with a binky and a stroller.  She has since completely forgotten about her other baby (the one pictured above).  A baby with its own binky!  What could be cooler?
Snackin' with Grammie

Christmas Eve

McKenzie has the good fortune to celebrate Christmas three times each year (four when Dustin's mom is up from Florida) and this year was fantastic.  We started with Christmas Eve at the Ricci's.  It was a relaxing, Italian-food filled day.  When it was time for the kids to open gifts Dustin volunteered to play Santa.  I thought that we had at least one more year before she was a part of the present opening frenzy, but I was wrong.  Dustin had his hands full fending her off.  Every time he turned his back to hand someone a gift Kenzie was busy ripping into whatever was in front of her (regardless of whose name was on the tag).
What do you mean they aren't ALL for me?
After the gifts were open, however, she calmed down a little and enjoyed some time with her family.
Grandma Karen, guarding the stairs.

Auntie Heather gives Kenzie a ride on Joshy's new skateboard.

Uncle Matt knows how to show a girl a good time.