Sunday, September 8, 2013

Give a Bird a Home

Kaia was so excited about bird houses that she cried when they left the lumberyard without them.  It took Dustin and Kenzie the ride home to explain to her that they were going to make bird houses, not buy them.  I guess it's hard for a two-year-old to visualize the 1" X 6' board as a cute little birdy home.  Go figure.

They were awesome helpers throughout the process.  I was gone at a really fun training (read: six hours of boring slideshows) so I wasn't there to witness, but Dustin documented the steps.

While Kaia was napping for most of the steps, she was awake for gluing.  He couldn't get pictures of Kaia using the glue because Kaia and glue require complete supervision.

Kaia knows how to avoid the not fun jobs, like sanding.  Blah!  But Kenzie is a work horse.

After Dustin primed them, it was time for paint.

They are so proud of their work.  I am too. :)

We haven't yet hung them up, although the girls have three trees picked out.  The birds will be headed to see Nana in Florida soon, so it probably doesn't matter if the homes aren't up until spring.