Thursday, November 12, 2009

Every Month Counts

Ask any five-year-old how old she is and she won't tell you five. She'll say, "five and a half," or "five and three quarters," but never just five. When a person has only a couple years (or months) under her belt every month is important. Today is McKenzie's half birthday and we're going to celebrate in style!

She's doing so many new things these days, including sitting up on her own and rolling from her back to her belly. After her next doctor's appointment she will get to eat her first solid food (I've got the rice cereal ready and the baby spoons cleaned).

The "Sleep Through the Night" campaign is progressing slowly; we still have a way to go. I'll write more on that soon.

Enjoy this video of Kenzie rolling over. I know she doesn't go all the way over, but I know she can get on her belly if she's on her side so I say it counts.

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