Thursday, April 8, 2010

August in April

We've had amazingly warm weather for the past few days. Yesterday LeighAnn and I took the girls and the dogs to Crystal Lake in Eastford. It's a small lake and we were the only people there. McKenzie wasn't too excited about the water (which was really cold) but she had fun in the sand.

Eventually, I gave her a shovel so she could get sand into her mouth more efficiently.
She was very tired, but refused to sleep.
Kona was tired too. Shylah, Leigh's 3-month-old puppy, gave him a run for his money.
Kenzie has the curse of fair skin (just like her mama). I was trying to create shade for her all day.

We spent hours in the sun and neither of us came home with a sunburn. I call that a success. On the way home the thermostat in my car said the outside temp was 90 degrees!

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  1. Kenzie is getting so big, I can't believe she walking already - soooo cute. I love the updates and the pictures and all of you. Mom