Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cow Says Moo

Kenzie has been talking up a storm these days and it seems that everyday she says something new. She currently says over ten words, although Dustin and I may be the only ones who understand her. She says dada, mama, hi, bye-bye, Kona, ball, moo, quack, brrrrr (that's the noise an elephant makes w/ it's trunk, btw), all done ("ah dah"), more, blueberry, grandpa, and tonight she was trying to say water. Sometimes she says thank you and okay, but not consistently enough to say she really knows those words.

I try to catch some of these things on video, but she isn't a fan of speaking on demand. Here's what I have been able to record.

hi, bye, moo, grandpa, and wet kisses for the camera

all done, quack, elephant noises

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