Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Soup!

Lately, Kenzie has been really into making tea and soup with her kitchen toys.  She doesn't just prepare this food, she serves it.  Each person in the room will get his or her own bowl and spoon and Kenzie will check in often to make sure everyone is eating the soup.  I've been encouraging her to feed her babies in hopes that she might lay off me a little, but I have yet to be successful.  Dustin and I call her the Italian grandma.  She's always trying to get us to eat.  When she's eating breakfast she won't stop saying, "Mama, eat!" until I get a bowl of cereal and sit at the table with her.  She also makes sure that everyone eats a vegetable.  Dustin might have to bite the bullet and start liking peas.  At dinner she demands, "Daddy peas!  Daddy peas! Daddy eat!"  She's pretty persuasive.

Soup for breakfast.

"Bite, Mommy! More! More!"

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