Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conversations with Kenzie

McKenzie has entered the "Why" phase.  It's torturous.  Last weekend I spent a four hour drive to Maine answering various "whys" and I'm not sure I have the strength for this.  Here is one example of a conversation we had after going through a toll in New Hampshire.

McKenzie:  Mommy, what you do?  What you do, Mommy?
Me: I had to give the man some money.
McKenzie: Why?
Me: Because we have to pay to drive on this road.
McKenzie: Why?
Me: I don't know honey, it's the rule.  People who want to drive on this road have to give the man some money first.
McKenzie: Why?
Me: Honey, I don't have all the answers.
McKenzie: Yes you do Mommy.  You do Mommy.
Last night I was teaching a night class and Dustin and Monica (who is staying with us while she's transitioning to a new job) were sitting down to dinner.  Monica said that shortly after they sat down McKenzie ran to the other room to get her Buzz Lightyear pretend flip phone.  She put on the table and commented, "Just in case Mommy calls."
There is no shortage of noise in our house.  McKenzie talks incessantly.  It's hard to capture on film because she usually stops what she is doing when I break out the video camera.  Yesterday I was able to catch her pretending to cook food while I sat on the couch nursing Kaia.  I am probably the only person who can understand everything she says, but you can get the idea of how verbal she is.  Note that she sits for a total of about five seconds. She's a very busy girl.

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