Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kenzie is THREE!

Okay, she's been three for over a two months now,  but it's not too late to share.  We celebrated her birthday with a rainbow-themed party.  She mentioned months ago that she wanted rainbows for her birthday and I liked the idea so much that I reminded her weekly so she wouldn't change her mind.  We enjoyed a nice get-together with family and Kenzie had a great time.

It's crazy, but three seems so much older than two.  She's becoming more inquisitive everyday and she really keeps us on our toes.  Sometimes I get to the point where I have to tell her "no more questions" until we get in the car/ sit down to dinner/ until morning etc.  It's so hard to complete a task with a toddler firing questions at me.

We love that she's so curious, though.  She really thinks deeply about things and continues to surprise us with where her thoughts take her.  For example, one time we were coming home from the grocery store and saw a man cutting tree limbs from a cherry picker. The questions started coming.  Everything from who is he to what color is the knife (you know, the one he cuts with). Then, when I thought the Q and A session was over and we'd shared a couple minutes of silence she asked, "Mommy, does the cutter do other work too, like clean the kitchen?"

In the past year McKenzie has reached some major toddler milestones.  She is now completely potty-trained (even at night), no longer uses a pacifier, and she goes to sleep in a "big girl bed" (although she usually ends up on the floor next to her big girl bed). Even though she often seems wise beyond her years, she often reminds us that she's only three.  You know, when she melts down because she wanted more milk in her cereal and we told her she has enough, or when she screams at bedtime because she's "not tired." Ahh, toddlerhood.

McKenzie continues to be a kind, loving, smart, curious, thoughtful, funny, adorable little girl.  We are so proud.

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