Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This museum is awesome!  It was converted from an old Victorian home into a fun-filled, use-your-imagination adventure for toddlers.  We have a membership so we are trying to go as often as possible (even though it is a bit of a trek from home).

Here are some of the cool things we did this week...

Sent some mail

delivered a letter

planted some veggies

painted a fence

watched the trains

at the trainyard

made a movie

explored a musical rainforest

hung out on the farm
picked apples at the orchard

took a break for lunch

walked the plank

corralled the horses

played in an underwater cave

whizzed down the slide

flailed down the slide

and explored new heights. "Wook at me, Mommy!  Wook at me!"
Phew. What an exciting day.    Can't wait for next week.

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