Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conversations with Kiddos

Me: Let's get going upstairs.  I need you to go to bed so I can take a break.  You know, when you girls are sleeping, I'm not a mommy anymore.
Kenzie: Huh?
Me: Yeah.  I don't have to be a mommy anymore when you are sleeping.
Dustin (against his better judgement): That's right.  When you are sleeping she's not a mommy anymore.  After that she's just a wife.

Kenzie: Massachusetts kinda sounds like Cheez-Its.  It's like Massacheezits.

When a dominant rooster wants to mate, a good hen (one who knows her place) stops and squats and lets the roo do his thing.  Kaia has been chasing the chickens as of late and a couple of them have started to drop into this position when she is near.  In essence, our chickens think Kaia is a rooster.   Hence, the following heated dialogue. Quite possibly the strangest thing we'll ever scold our children for doing.

Dustin: Kaia!
Me: Kaia! No!
Dustin: Kaia!  Do NOT sit on the chicken!  Get off the chicken!!
Dustin (running to her): No!  No!  We do NOT sit on the chickens!
Kaia: hahahahahahaha
 After a few minutes sitting on the stairs (pretending) to contemplate her wrong-doing...
 Me: Kaia, it is not nice to sit on the chickens.  You could hurt them.  We don't want to hurt the chickens.
Kaia (patting my arm sympathetically): Okay, Mommy.  Okay.

Ooo boy that girl likes to test us.

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  1. Hahaha that just made me laugh wicked hard!