Monday, August 19, 2013


For Dustin's birthday Kenzie gave him a picture she colored.  It was a scarecrow.  She thought their garden needed some protection, and that she and daddy needed a project.  An idea was born.  It took a little while to find the time to build him, but Mr. Scarecrow is now ready to find his home in our blossoming garden.

They worked on it mostly while I was away teaching my night classes.  It was fun to come home at night and see the progress.

Detail work is perfect for attention-oriented McKenzie.

Kaia helped, too, but Dustin said she did a lot of what Kaia does.  Which is, well, anything but what everyone else is doing.  Here's a good action shot of her chasing the chickens away from Kenzie's work space.

This finished product is a scarecrow that is scary enough to freak me out every time I come home at night.  My heart jumps every time I catch a glimpse of the towering shadow.  Kaia isn't afraid, though.  She tells me it looks like Papa....

Kaia: Care crow looks like Papa.
Me: What?!  You think it looks like Papa?
Kaia: Yeah, looks like Papa.
Me: Papa Lavoine or Papa Ricci?
Kaia: Papa Voine.
Me: The Papa with Auntie Jenni or the Papa with Auntie Loren?
Kaia: Auntie Denni.
Me: That's Papa Lavoine.

Ha!  My dad has confirmed, however, that while she may think it looks like him, the scarecrow does not dish out ice cream and candy so he is not nearly as cool as Papa Voine.

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