Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Mommy

Tonight the girls were pretending to go grocery shopping.  They just received new purses as belated Christmas presents from Grammy and Grampy Pearson and they couldn't wait to use them.  I said that I don't have plans to go shopping this week so they improvised.

I watched as they both walked through the kitchen, purses across their bodies, grocery lists in hand and pretend phones to their ears.  I overheard this conversation:

Kenzie: Kaia, you call Etta and I'll call Sierra.
Kaia: Okay.
Kenzie (into "phone"): Hi, is Sierra there?  Hi Sierra.  We are out grocery shopping and we are near where you live so we just wondered if we could come to your house to visit....Okay...Okay...We can come?...Great.
Kenzie (to Kaia): Sierra said we can come!  Let's go.

These girls absolutely crack me up.

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