Thursday, September 10, 2009


In an effort to bring you up to speed on the last four months of our lives I'll answer the most commonly asked questions of the past four months.

Q:Is McKenzie a "good" baby?
A: Yes. This question, which is by far the most common one we are asked, always makes me smile. I must admit, I've asked this question before, but now that I have a baby of my own I've had to rethink it. Is there such a thing as a "bad" baby? When people ask us this I assume they want to know if she is happy, what her sleeping habits are, etc. Read on.

Q: Is she a happy baby?
A: With the exception of her week at Newfound Lake (by far the worst week of her life) Kenzie rarely cries. She gets fussy when she's hungry or tired but can be soothed quickly if I know what she needs. Everyday she smiles more often and is starting to make lots of cooing noises. Dustin beat boxes for her and that is one of her favorite things.

Q:What are her sleep habits?
A: Habits? There aren't any. It seems that each week brings a new surprise and I've learned not to count on anything being like it was the night before. One thing is for sure, Kenzie does not like to sleep on her back. She startles frequetly, wakes up, and can't fall back to sleep. She's had nights where she sleeps for five hours, nurses and sleeps for three more and nights when she wakes up and wants to play at 3 am. Many people have told me that six months is the magical age when she'll start sleeping better. I hope they aren't lying.

Q: Kristen, is it weird not to be going back to work?
A: Yes and no. I never thought I'd be one to put my career on hold so readily, but I can't imagine it any other way. I love being at home with McKenzie and I know that I'll be a teacher again soon. I've applied and interviewed for a couple jobs teaching adult education at night and that might be just what I need to stay in the game without being away from Kenzie too much. We're learning how to pinch pennies so I can stay home for as long as possible

Q: Does Dustin like his new job?
A: Yes, although there are definitely tough moments. He teaches five different courses and that requires a lot of planning. He is teaching a class called "Housing and Interior Design" which is interesting because he doesn't know anything about interior design. That one requires some extra prep time. The students are a little tough but once Dustin gets his classroom routine in order I'm sure they will fall into place.


  1. I was just wondering today if Dustin liked his new job. Sounds like cool classes. : )

  2. So cute Kristen! Thanks for updating us all. But "baby makes three?" What about Kona???
    Love you and miss you,
    Matt and Andrea

  3. I love the blog! I always love to see how big Kenzie is getting, she is definitely smiling more. Your Q&A is awesome, have you heard any questions such as, "So when will you have another baby?" Hehehe. Thats a good one.

  4. The Riccis rock! Love the blog. OMG...Mr. Ricci in a dress shirt and tie! Bust out your Reef zoris for a new look.
    Fondest aloha,
    Yama Mama

  5. Great idea to have a blog so we can keep up with everything that is going on. The first turn, the first job (in CT) and more firsts to come.

    Will add it to my favorites, but keep sending the notices too.
    Aunti B

  6. Hooray for blogging!! Love all of the videos... Now I have a special request for one of Dustin beat-boxing for Kenzie. Great to "see" you all!

  7. Dustin,

    Where is your Pocket Protector?