Friday, September 11, 2009

Kenzie Flips

Over, that is. She's been rolling from tummy to back for a couple weeks now but up until yesterday she refused to do it on camera. She always has a look of surprise when she finally makes the turn and then gives a little victory smile.

This is just one of the many new things she is able to do. She has really good head control and likes to be propped up to sit. She holds onto toys and focuses intently on her singing caterpillar ("Red, red, you heard what I said..."). McKenzie is a pro at getting her hands into her mouth. When she's tired she gently sucks on her thumb and index finger, and during her wakeful hours she can be caught with buckets of drool falling off her chin while she tries determinedly to put her entire fist into her mouth. Is she teething? I don't know, I'm new at this.