Friday, October 2, 2009

The Must-Have List: Part One

Kenzie, meet Bumbo. Bumbo, Kenzie.

When Dustin and I first found out I was pregnant and began looking for items to register for, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of products in Babies R Us. We tried not to get taken by the cute duckies and all the pink flowers and focused on just the items we felt we "needed" not the ones we "wanted." Now that I've been a mom for four and a half months (but who's counting) I'd like to take this opportunity to add a couple items to the must-have list.

The Bumbo is amazing. LeighAnn handed this down to us when Lily grew out of it and I can't believe that such a simple thing can be so useful. (Dustin is always saying, "why couldn't I have thought of that.") Kenzie can't sit up on her own yet but likes to be propped up and it gets pretty wearing on my arms and back. Now McKenzie sits next to me so I can interact with her while I prepare dinner and she is the centerpiece at our table. She entertains us while she takes turns watching daddy, mommy and Uncle Matt eat.
Another back saver: the Moby wrap. This 16 ft. long piece of fabric is a little intimidating at first (so much fabric, so little baby), but it is the coolest thing. McKenzie loves being nestled in close to me and it makes it so much more comfortable to take long walks. When I face her forward in the wrap she gets to giggle at all the crazy things Kona does while we are walking in the woods around our house. Babywearing is all the rage right now and I would definitely recommend it. It is enjoyable for both mom and baby (and probably would be for dad, too, if I could only get him to wrap himself up Obi Wan Kenobi style).

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