Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orange on a Toothpick

In the pink corner...weighing in at 16.4 lbs, and standing a mere 26" tall.......Kennnnziiiiieeee....the Crusheeeeeer...Riiiiiicciiii!

We knew she was a peanut but we had no idea that 90% of babies her age are taller and heavier. Only 20%, however, have a larger head than her. The pediatrician said this is all "completely normal" and that babies are often top heavy.

She's always been a mover and ever since she learned how to pull herself up to a standing position she pretty much never sits down. She loves to walk and starts to bounce up and down when I bring the push car over to her.

There a many things that we are no longer able to do (without significant struggle) because she is so very active, including (but not limited to):
  • bathe her
  • change her diaper without getting poop all over her legs, feet, back, etc (are you getting a visual?)
  • clip her fingernails
  • cuddle with her
  • read with her
  • put her in her car seat
  • shop
  • leave the room for longer than thirty seconds
  • dress and undress her
  • keep Kona's ball away from her (although I think Kona is in on this one. He knows if he gives it to her I'll take it away and throw it in the other room...he's playing me)

I wouldn't have it any other way, though. We're having a blast watching her explore and it seems that every day she does something new. Not only is she taking her first steps and crawling like Speedy Gonzales, she also plays peek-a-boo, waves hi/bye (sometimes), finds Daddy, Kona and her cousin Lily when asked, and babbles constantly. We're using sign language for a few words and she recently started to use "more" and she responds well to "all done," and "water." Her bottom front teeth are almost completely in and the top front teeth have popped through. Her smile is getting bigger and brighter everyday and we can really get her giggling when we tickle her.

Finding her voice.

It is rare that she doesn't have something in her mouth. Part of this is teething, I think, but part of it is just an oral fixation that the doctor said some kids have until well into the their second year. I'm hoping it won't last that long. She mouths everything from the furniture (couches and tables alike) to toys, shoes and even Kona (poor guy). Recently we visited Mindy and Greg in Maine and Kenzie tried to chew on the hinge to their front door! It seems that nothing is off limits.

We are very much looking forward to spring when the ground will begin to dry out and we can go outside to explore. A whole new world filled with things for her to put in her mouth. :)

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  1. I absolutely love her!! She's so cute!!!

    Love the videos!