Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Conversation at McKenzie's 9 month well baby visit:
Doctor: Is she sleeping better since our last visit?
Me: Ummm...
Doctor (smiling): Okay. So how many times does she get up at night?
Me (embarrassed): Every three hours.
Doctor (laughing): And what do you do when she wakes up?
Me (guilt ridden): Enable her.

As if on cue, however, that very night Kenzie slept through the night. Completely. Not waking once. When I woke at 5:00am and realized that she hadn't been up all night my first instinct was to run and make sure she was still breathing (check) then I went back to bed to pray this was not a fluke. For the past week she has slept through the night a couple of times and woken just once the other nights. Per the doctor's suggestion, Dustin has been going to her at night instead of me. The hope is that when she realizes she isn't going to get to see her momma she will eventually stop trying. So far so good.

Surrounding her with Binkys doesn't hurt either.

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