Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Conversations with Kenzie

McKenzie: Mommy, can I have some water please?
Me: Yes you can.
McKenzie: Ha!  You never say no to that question, Mommy!
"Haha.  Kaia, you make me mile." (note: Kenzie pronounces many words that begin with "s" as if the s was silent . mile=smile, no=snow, etc) 
Dustin was searching for a video on YouTube for Kenzie to watch.  He couldn't find her specific request.
McKenzie: Daddy I want the money Barney, please, Daddy.
Dustin: I'm looking honey, I can't find the video about money.
McKenzie: It's at online dot com, Daddy.
 She does a lot of things based on age...
When getting tucked in to bed:
Me: How many blankets do you want?
McKenzie: Two.  Cause I'm two.
When having a snack:
Me: You can have one more cracker.
McKenzie: I'm having one cracker because Bennamin (Benjamin) is one.  Madson (Madison) is one too.
When getting dressed:
McKenzie: I have two socks because I'm two.
Me: So when you're three are you going to wear three socks?
McKenzie: No, Mommy, that's silly.
When playing:
McKenzie: I'm making three castles.
Me: That's good.
McKenzie: Cause, Yeeyee (Lily) is three, Mommy. 

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