Friday, January 13, 2012

Deeda Daamp

Over the past few months McKenzie has been learning her address.  It started one day in the car when we pulled onto our road and, to distract her from a meltdown, I told her the numbers of our house.  She was intrigued.  I held up one finger and she followed suit.  She learned all three numbers and moved onto the street name.  She now knows her house number, street, town and state.  The zip code is next.

While we hope there is absolutely no reason for her to ever need to know this information at her age, we are happy that she does. McKenzie loves to share her new knowledge, but requires that everyone play along.  She will hold up her pointer finger and say, "do one, do one."  She won't move on to the next number until everyone in the room is holding up one finger. 

We aren't sure how much good it will do her, though.  Unless the person she is telling is fluent in toddler speak, he/she may not be able to translate what Kenzie says into "Cedar Swamp Road."  We can picture her at the police station, every sergeant, detective, officer and desk clerk with their pointer fingers in the air, hoping this little girl will be able to tell them how to get her home.  She'll slowly but surely direct them through all three house numbers only to lead them to"Deeda Daamp Road."

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  1. Love this. We should have the girls exchange addresses... I bet they'd be able to find one another!