Friday, March 15, 2013

Chicken Run

For most of the winter we've had to keep the chickens locked in their pen for fear of predators.  We, unfortunately, lost one hen in December after the first big snowfall and we have been extra cautious since.  Now that the snow is melting and predators will have more luck finding food in the woods (instead of our backyard) we have started letting the chickens roam free again.  Instead of waiting for dusk when they naturally go to roost I've been heading out around 5:00 or so to lock them up.  I am the chicken whisperer.  When they see me coming they run to greet me and then they dutifully follow me back to their coop.  I throw some scratch for them and without difficulty I lock them in for the night.

Tonight, Kaia was the chicken whisperer.  Enjoy!

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