Monday, May 13, 2013

Conversations with Kiddos

The day after the girls' super fun Teddy Bear Picnic birthday party...
Me: Kaia, what was your favorite thing about yesterday's party?
Haha!  I'm not sure if this is really advanced for a two-year-old.  You know, leading me to believe she would say friends and then throwing pickles in at the last second.  OR, this is a sign that Kaia has no idea what even happened yesterday.  I choose the former.


While enjoying a delicious (if I do say so myself) homemade mac n' cheese dinner...
Kenzie: Mommy, you make the BEST noodles.  In this house.
Me: Haha.  Thanks, honey.
Kenzie: 'Cause we don't know if there is someone who makes better noodles in the whole wide world.  So you make the best noodles in this house.
I love that girl's honesty.


While talking about her future...
Kenzie: when I grow up I’m going to be a mommy.
Me: You are?
Kenzie: Yup.  But I have to be married to be a mommy, right?
Me: Ah, yup.
Kenzie: But (thinking), how does being married get you a baby?
Me: Well (thinking), to have a baby, you have to have someone you really, really love.  Like daddy really loves me and I really love daddy.
Kenzie: Kaia really really loves me, right?
Me: Yes, but to have a baby it has to be someone you aren’t related to.
Kenzie: It can’t be someone in my family?
Me: Right.
Kenzie: Oh, okay.
Okay, that clears that right up. Done.

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