Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas is Coming

On Black Friday we only make one purchase: our Christmas tree.  We go to this great little place a few minutes down the road.  They give us a tractor ride to the top of their vast hills of beautiful trees and we work our way down, hunting for the perfect symbol of the season.  Kenzie says she wants every one, Kaia doesn't pay any attention to the trees and works to separate herself from us, Kona runs wild and Dustin and I haggle over the characteristics of the perfect tree (admittedly, I care much more about what type of tree we get than he does).

Hot cocoa break.

The girls hitch a ride on a tree carrier.

Our tree!

Kenzie helps.

Kaia doesn't.
We didn't have time to decorate it on Friday (and the girls were getting a little squirrely) so we decorated it the following day.  They worked so fast and the tree was done in no time.  Auntie Kelsy helped, too.
Can you tell which clump of ornaments Kaia hung?

Kenzie was so proud to hang the high ornaments.

 We just love having our tree sparkling in the living room.  I'm a little sad that Christmas will be here in just a few short weeks.  Merry Christmas!

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