Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Girl's Gotta Accessorize

Kaia loves to wear skirts. And dresses.  And headbands.  The girl is a little fashionista.  For the first time in her life there is something that really matters to her.  Up until this point, there was no discipline technique that got her to listen.  Now, we have the skirt.  When Kaia tells us "no," we take off her skirt.  If she doesn't cooperate at bedtime, she doesn't get to wear a skirt to bed.  If she isn't playing nice with Sister, no dress.

It's the craziest parenting idea we've ever used, but it usually works.  If we tell her she has "one more chance to make a right choice" or she doesn't get to wear a skirt, she listens.  If she does something particularly egregious (i.e. hitting Kenzie) we take away skirt-wearing privileges and she DOES NOT like that.  It's nice to finally have something that works.  

Her skirts are so important to her that she can't pick just one to wear each day.  She changes her skirt or dress four, five, six times a day.  I moved all her dresses and skirts to an easily accessible drawer so she can go into her room and change whenever she wants. After each wardrobe change she will go admire herself in the full-length mirror we put up just for her. Every once in a while there is a skirt or dress that she wears all day..and all night...and all the next day.  When it is time to send that outfit to the laundry it can be distressing.

I don't know how she became so fashion-conscience.  I'm certainly not.  But it's a pretty adorable trait.  She's our crazy, defiant, adorable, smart little model.  Love that Kaia Boo.

She thinks everyone looks better with a pretty headband.

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