Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Conversations with Kaia

Kaia: I really, really don't like mean monsters.
Me (laughing): Okay.
Kaia: 'Cause monsters go roar and I don't like roaring things when they roar. ROAR!!!

While we were in Florida Dustin and went out one night to see Blue Man Group.  Dustin's mom stayed with the girls.  She thought the girls were asleep (it had been quiet for quite a while).  Then she heard Kaia at the top of the stairs.  "Nana!" she yelled.  Susan came around the corner to find Kaia standing proudly at the top of the stairs wearing her favorite skirt (the one she went bed in), her sparkly shoes, and holding her hands up to display the many colors of nail polish all over her  fingers.  Before Susan could react she said, "I need a headband."  Clearly she wasn't concerned about getting into trouble.  Susan put her to bed in her pack n play and told her she was sad that Kaia had used the nail polish without asking her.

In the morning Kaia showed me her nails (fingers and toes just covered in polish) and said sadly, "Nana was not happy to me."


At Disney World the girls were on a high meeting princesses and other characters.  It was 10:30 and we were preparing to leave.
Kaia: I want to see a fairy!
Me: Oh, honey, it's so late.  They are probably sleeping now.
Kaia: But we can wake 'em up.

20 minutes later we found Tinkerbell and Rosetta signing autographs.
Kenzie: Mommy, and you thought they were asleep.

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