Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve

McKenzie has the good fortune to celebrate Christmas three times each year (four when Dustin's mom is up from Florida) and this year was fantastic.  We started with Christmas Eve at the Ricci's.  It was a relaxing, Italian-food filled day.  When it was time for the kids to open gifts Dustin volunteered to play Santa.  I thought that we had at least one more year before she was a part of the present opening frenzy, but I was wrong.  Dustin had his hands full fending her off.  Every time he turned his back to hand someone a gift Kenzie was busy ripping into whatever was in front of her (regardless of whose name was on the tag).
What do you mean they aren't ALL for me?
After the gifts were open, however, she calmed down a little and enjoyed some time with her family.
Grandma Karen, guarding the stairs.

Auntie Heather gives Kenzie a ride on Joshy's new skateboard.

Uncle Matt knows how to show a girl a good time.

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