Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas day we spent a quiet morning together as a family.

Kenzie couldn't believe that we let her eat a piece of candy before even having breakfast.  
We didn't buy her any toys this year, just lots of practical stuff.  She loves her new sippy cups (especially the one with a straw) and got right to work brushing her baby's teeth with one of her new toothbrushes.
Yah!  Snow boots.  Now we just need some snow so she will understand what all this gear is for.
One of her favorite things was a photo book I made for her.  She has a huge family and we want her to know everyone's names so I threw together a book that has pictures of all our family and a few close friends.  She can name just about everyone and she brings me the book at least once a day to look through.

On Christmas afternoon we traveled to Greenfield to spend the day with my mom and brothers.  They gave her a doll that came with a binky and a stroller.  She has since completely forgotten about her other baby (the one pictured above).  A baby with its own binky!  What could be cooler?
Snackin' with Grammie

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