Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dustin's Baby

Over the past nine months Dustin has been carrying and nurturing a baby of his own.  Last September he took on a "side job" (read: second job that was just as taxing as his full-time employment) creating a beautiful home library for another teacher at his school.  He put in over 700 hours completing this job and has worked a lot of very late nights.  Due to one last hiccup involving the finish on the floor, the job isn't quite complete, but it will be done by week's end.  

While it was difficult for me (and him) to have him working late nights and weekends for the past few months, it was impossible not to be proud and impressed when I saw the final product.  He is extremely talented and I am so proud to say that my husband built this.

The brown panels are fabric that allow air flow for the media components inside.
Yeah, it's a lot of shelves!
Dustin's brother, Alan, did all the electrical work in the room.
Note how the bottom of the top drawer and the top of the bottom drawer 
are from the same piece of wood.   Same for the panels. 
 Dustin's attention to such details is impeccable.
That's a wine nook. Every library needs a wine fridge, no?
The drawers along this window are designed to hold file folders.
The best thing about Dustin finishing this job is that he now has time to enjoy the simple things in life.


  1. Congrats Dustin! The library is gorgeous! You're so talented! I bet you're all glad it's finally over!

  2. OMG Dustin! You are ridiculously good at what you do. Matt and I are awe struck! xoxo

  3. Dustin, CONGRATS!! A work of art! Absolutely amazing. Kristen, you are right to be proud of your husband's work.