Saturday, April 23, 2011

Me Do It

McKenzie has come down with a chronic case of the "me do its."  I'm afraid there may be no cure.  This isn't always a problem; when we are not in a rush a I have no problem letting her put on her own shoes (which she can't do on her own, try as she might) and I'm more than willing to let her climb the stairs (it allows me to go up without her sitting on my enormous belly).  However, while I want to foster her sense of independence, letting her do everything on her own is simply not an option.  When I try to explain to her that she cannot pour the milk from the gallon jug onto her cereal  because it will most likely spill all over the place she screams and further insists, "Me do it!"  When mommy is exhausted at 7:00 at night and Kenzie wants to dress herself in her pjs but mommy wants her to be in bed before next week, she screams and insists, "me do it!"  Frankly, it's exhausting.

There is one "me do it" that I find rather endearing, though.  I wish I could get a video because it is so precious.  When we take walks Kenzie will often hold my hand.  Sometimes I will ask her if she wants to hold my hand and she will insist, "me do it."  Then she will grab her left hand with her right hand and walk down the driveway holding tight to herself.  I'm not sure what she thinks she is accomplishing by holding her own hand, but it's the cutest thing.

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