Friday, July 1, 2011

A Garden is Born

For years Dustin and I have talked about how nice it would be to have our own vegetable garden, but I've never been willing to put in the time to make it happen.  Truth be told, I have a black thumb.  I can kill a spider plant.  Seriously.  So, I knew that if I was going to try to start a garden I would have to learn all about soil, and seeds and watering and harvesting.  Frankly, I don't feel like putting in the effort.

Dustin, on the other hand, has decided to make it happen.  He has spent the past two months planting seeds, preparing a garden plot, making a trellis and reading all about proper plant care.  I told him he should start small, since this is our first ever attempt at this.  He agreed, then quickly got carried away.  For a couple weeks every time he went out to the store he came home with a new seed packet and some more potting soil.  Once our kitchen table was filled with little seedlings he agreed to stop planting new plants and to focus on the ones he had already started.  

He's planted cucumbers, summer squash, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, red bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, basil and parsley. As always, Dustin doesn't do anything halfheartedly .  The garden is beautiful and each plant is perfectly aligned with the next.

Of course, he didn't do all this work alone.  He had a couple little helpers.

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