Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kaia Busts a Move (My Moves are Busted)

We enjoyed a perfect family vacation at Newfound Lake in NH last week. One night we all went out to see some live music in town.  The band was set up at the back of a pavilion and there were lots of kids dancing in front of the band.  Kenzie and Lily wanted to dance but were too scared.  Instead, we played on the adjacent playground for a bit.  When we tired of the playground LeighAnn and I convinced the girls to go dance.  All the other kids had left and we had the dance floor to ourselves.  Shortly after we began dancing Dustin appeared with Kaia and waved me over to him.  I ran over, assuming that Kaia must need something, and he informed me that just before we got up there to dance the band had made announcement that they didn't want anyone to dance there for fear that someone might trip over the wires to the band's equipment.  I guess all those people sitting up front weren't smiling at us because of our awesome dance moves.  Oops!

We decided we'd better hide in the back of the crowd for the rest of the night, but that didn't stop us from getting our groove on.  Even Kaia got down.

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