Friday, July 29, 2011

Holy Crap

Dustin and I talk about poop.  A lot.  It's one of the wonders of parenthood.  Just a few years ago I couldn't imagine bowel movements being a topic of conversation at the dinner table.  Now, with a newborn and a potty-training toddler, poop is just always on my mind.  Crazy, I know.

McKenzie has been diaper-free (except for bedtime) for a couple weeks now and she's had just three accidents, all nap related.  Unfortunately, our once "regular" little one is now a once-every-few days little one.  There is a lot of build up (pardon the pun) to the moment when she finally goes on the potty.  On that third day, when she REALLY has to go, we spend the entire day convincing her it's time.  She knows it's time, of course, but for some reason she insists on doing everything she can think of other than going poop on the potty.  She will ask to eat something, then take one bite and run back to the potty only to declare, "no wanna go potty now."  Then she'll ask to do puzzles.  One piece in and she's running to the potty again, sitting down, and again declaring, "me no want to."  We do this for hours.  Hours!  She gets very moody and starts to act out.  Throwing things, squeezing people (her alternative to hitting), and melting down at the mention of the word "no."  Finally, usually just before bed on that third day, she will go.  We'll celebrate.  Dancing, ice cream, the works.  She goes back to being sweet, loving McKenzie. The next morning the cycle begins again. 


I know that soon enough she'll be going to the bathroom and it won't be a production, just a pit stop.  Right now, however, I will continue to celebrate every excretion like it's a gold medal winning performance.  I'm also going to stock up on prunes.  Lots and lots of prunes.

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