Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Happy Things

Singing McKenzie sings.  She's not good at it (she gets that from me), but she sure does enjoy it.

A Smiling Baby Kaia is the smiliest baby I've ever met.  With the exception of the photographer at JCPenney, she smiles for everyone.

The Letter Y Doesn't everything sound more fun when you add a y to the end of it?  McKenzie thinks so.  She has transformed many words in her vocabulary to be  "y" words.  She wants to play in the other "roomy," stand on her special "stooly," and change her baby's "daipy."  It's pretty silly.

Play-Doh It's impossible not to love Play-Doh.  McKenzie spends hours every week molding multiple colors of play doh into various foods and creatures (although everything she makes looks pretty much the same). Her two-year-old, uncoordinated hands have difficultly making exactly what she wants.  This, combined with her Type A personality and drive for perfection, makes creative projects somewhat frustrating.  While she likes playing with Play Doh, she much prefers telling Mommy or Daddy what to mold for her.  Dustin is always asked to make more "ballies" while I'm the designated cake maker.
This pic is from April when warm pjs were still a necessity. 
Fists/Thumbs/Fingers Kaia progressed quickly from sucking on her entire fist to suckling on her itty bitty thumb.  We thought she was a happy thumb-sucker but in the past couple days she has taken to sucking her middle and ring fingers.  She still doesn't want a paci and won't take a bottle, but her hands are oh so tasty.

This is serious business.

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